VFCC Announces Partnership with Billion Soul Network

by Office of Development | Jan 21, 2014


L to R: Mark Cernero, Dr. Dan Mortensen, JoAnn Cole Webster, Dr. James O. Davis, 
Dr. Don Meyer, Gregg Halteman, Dr. Kevin Beery and Stuart Ross

Billion Soul Network Partnership

In 2001, Assemblies of God evangelist and author Dr. James O. Davis launched the Billion Soul Network (BSN) with the vision to plant five million churches in order to evangelize one billion souls. Periodically, Dr. Davis discussed his vision with his longtime friend, President Don Meyer, because he felt that there could be an opportunity to partner together to help fulfill this exciting vision.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Meyer believe the time has come for VFCC to become the provider of English-language accredited degree programs for the BSN.

Billion Soul Network Partnership with VFCCThe Billion Soul Network
The BSN ( comprises more than 1,300 denominations and organizations, along with more than 400,000 local churches. Leading pastors and other Christian leaders have been selected from around the United States and the world to serve as co-chairs to help lead the effort. In addition, Global HUBS of Christianity are being established to:

  • Synergize global church relationships
  • Systemize teaching to pastors and leaders through online programs
  • Strategize to reach unreached people to help fulfill the Great Commission

The HUBS of Christianity are designed to train between 50,000 to 70,000 pastors, who will in turn plant at least 50 house churches each.

BSN has developed a Global Church Learning Center (GCLC) that provides more than 60 online educational experiences. These experiences:

  • Range from 90 minutes to 5 hours in length
  • Contain information from some of the world’s leading pastors and Christian leaders
  • Presenters were invited to teach the best they knew on their subject
  • A complete Bible and theology core is expected soon, as well as a Global Church Library
  • Eventually, the educational experiences will be translated into the top 30 languages

The BSN has sponsored three pastor’s conferences, with a fourth – Synergize 4 – scheduled in Orlando, Fla., January 21-23, 2014. Dr. Meyer and other college representatives will be actively participating in the Synergize 4 Pastor’s Conference where the new partnership was launched.

75th AnniversaryVFCC / BSN Partnership
The partnership will connect BSN’s global network of Christian leaders with VFCC’s online educational programs to provide students throughout the world with the opportunity to earn an accredited undergraduate and graduate education. In addition, VFCC and BSN will spearhead a Global Preaching Summit that will be held each year at VFCC. The first Global Preaching Summit is scheduled for October 27-29, 2014.

Dr. Meyer shared that, “The partnership between VFCC and BSN has the potential to extend the mission and ministries of VFCC beyond almost anything we can currently imagine. We anticipate incredible days ahead as we walk through this transformational doorway to reach around the world with these initiatives.”