Recent Alumnus Becomes Marketing Manager

by Office of Alumni and Parent Relations | Feb 11, 2014
photo of NikkiRobles
After more than a year of freelance and part-time design, marketing and social media management work, Nikki (Roskowinski) Robles '12 applied for a job with H20 at Home, a French based company. Three interviews later, she was officially hired as the company’s marketing and communications manager.

H20 at Home is a direct sales business that provides natural and organic home care and non-toxic personal care products. Started in France in 2000, the company came to America in 2009 to, according to their website, “introduce our unique products … and the idea that you can preserve the environment without making compromises.”

As the marketing and communications manager, Robles handles all of the visual communications that the public sees, producing flyers, email newsletters, logos and branding. She also manages the social media pages and designs that are printed or seen on these sites. “I love this job because I enjoy design and marketing, and now I get to focus on this one company and build their brand. This was a perfect opportunity for me.”

Robles knows that her prior freelance work wasn’t in vain, even though she had spent the last years wavering between faith and doubt that God would provide the right job for her. The things that she had produced on her own were exactly what H20 was looking for in their new employee and the company has been extremely happy with Robles' work, having been complimented time and time again by their consumers.

“If I didn’t go to school for digital media I don't know that I'd be able to do what I'm doing today," Robles said. "I was taught excellence and I was held to a high standard by the professors at the college. Now that I’m in the industry, I can actually do it. I use little pieces of all the areas that I learned in the digital media program.”

She added, “I’m excited to figure out why God has put me in this place because I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Sitting at work every day, I realize how incredible it is that I am here.”

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