Learn and Grow

by Office of Alumni and Parents Relations | Mar 24, 2014
Art Bailey '72
Art Bailey '72
Sometimes we might wonder why God has us in certain places when life doesn’t always make sense. Art Bailey ’72 has dedicated his entire life to letting God take control, resulting in an incredible journey since his time at Northeast Bible College (NBC). From a student at NBC (now Valley Forge Christian College), he’s moved to a place of influence that wouldn’t be possible without a willingness to follow, step by step, an extraordinary path of learning.

From 68 combat missions in Vietnam, to learning skills in the development and training group of a Florida-based company, to working as a vice president and a director of human resources, Bailey has continually allowed God to lead him into each and every position and has resolved to learn as much as he can from each situation.

His training, experience and knowledge from these unique life opportunities allowed him to start a strategic human resource consulting company in 2001 called Trust House HR, which provides coaching for organizations and leaders, helping them to “engage with life in such a way that they grow, not only as engaged members of their work group and the society at large, but also in their relationship with God.” Along with this influential work, he is involved in teaching and ministry opportunities that bring people closer to the Lord and their life callings.

Despite a remarkable amount of experiences, Bailey isn’t even close to finishing the work that God has called him to do. He believes that God has given each of us what we need to accomplish his purposes and that each step he has taken has been led by the Lord.

Bailey advises: “You don’t know what the future holds no matter how planned out you think it is. In every turn, learn and grow. Ask God to help you in every season of your life so that you can develop in every way you can. God knows what that path will be and you are responsible to grow along the path wherever it leads.”

Bailey lives with his wife, Pam ’72, in south Florida.