Students Combat Human Trafficking

by Office of Marketing | Mar 24, 2014
Christian Delcid '13, right
Human trafficking has seen a surge of awareness sweep the country in the early months of the year. The national discussion culminated on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014. Each year, surrounding the recurrence of this major sports event, some believe there is an escalation in trafficking for prostitution. Efforts to crack down on this problem are made by the police force in the host city, as well as by organizations that want to bring attention to ending human trafficking.
Students and faculty at Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) have not hesitated to engage the subject of human trafficking and reach out to those affected by sexual abuse and exploitation. 
One student-led ministry, Inspire India, hosted a fundraising event on campus for Phoenixville area residents on the night of the Super Bowl to promote awareness for human trafficking. In addition to documentary videos, several students spoke about their experience with ministries to victims of human trafficking in both the United States and internationally.
Donations were welcomed and baked goods were offered free of charge, as well as raffle tickets, to all in attendance for an opportunity to own original paintings by students who participate in Inspire India. Inspire India works to raise funds throughout the year by selling art and paintings created by students, and all proceeds are donated to Project Rescue. Project Rescue, founded in 1997 by David and Beth Grant, is an organization that provides aid to thousands of women and children living in sexual slavery in India every year.
On January 31, 2014, the Friday preceding the Super Bowl, Admissions Counselor Christian Delcid ’13 and Christine Perera '12 joined an initiative in New York City to report possible human trafficking activity. The initiative known as Blitz The Trafficker is an annual event in which dozens of organizations partner with local and federal investigators to combat human trafficking in the city hosting the Super Bowl. The initiative resulted in the recovery of 16 children on the list of Missing and Exploited Children and 45 arrests made on charges related to human trafficking during the week of the Super Bowl.
Still to come on March 29, a student-run event known as Bless With A Dress will be held on campus to benefit Project Rescue. This will be the 6th Annual Bless With A Dress event and will include a flea market, food and live entertainment. Last year, Bless With A Dress raised $1,000 for Project Rescue and hopes to raise twice as much this year.
While human trafficking is an atrocity worldwide, students and faculty at VFCC have boldly taken the initiative to fight against it and raise awareness, while selflessly extending their hands to meet the needs of many living in sexual slavery. VFCC is honored by the countless acts of faithfulness to the global mission of Christ and to the heart of God to heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.