Business Professor Earns Doctorate

by Office of Marketing | Apr 28, 2014
Dr. James Walter
Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) professor James Walter successfully defended his dissertation, “Leadership Styles and Effectiveness of Small, Medium and Large Organizations,” in March. Dr. Walter has therefore officially earned a Doctorate of Organization and Management, specializing in Leadership Studies, through the School of Business & Technology at Capella University.

His dissertation research was initially focused on leadership and emotional intelligence, but Dr. Walter soon found the need to narrow his studies. Dr. Walter found the pursuit of his doctorate rewarding but also quite challenging. According to Dr. Walter, doctoral programs “stretch you to where you are about to break, so that it seems like you can’t make it – yet, beyond a certain stage of the dissertation process, you are unaware of it but they already have you on track for finishing and are challenging you to perfect it.”

Dr. Walter encourages all students in higher education with this statement: “When you take on such a great endeavor, keep the Lord foremost in your mind at all times, because you are going to need strength. As long as you are focused on Him, you’ll have the strength you need to continue on.”

VFCC rejoices with Dr. Walter in this achievement.