Community Service Day 2014

by Office of Marketing | Apr 28, 2014
Community Service Day
On April 16, 2014, the Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) 12th Annual Community Service Day began early in the morning when students gathered in Flower Chapel. Instead of grabbing notebooks and pens for morning classes, students grabbed rakes, shovels and brooms, excited and ready to serve the surrounding community.

Students boarded buses and were dropped off at various locations throughout Phoenixville, where they spent the day working in parks, along the streets and sidewalks, and at the homes of residents who need assistance.  

Students break for photo
“This event keeps students connected with the community,” said Rev. Jennifer Gale, vice president of student life. “It reinforces that learning, growth and ministry goes beyond classes, clubs and sports teams. We feel very privileged to serve our neighbors and feel that we gain just as much from the experience as those who we are serving.”

For senior Sam Clemo, Community Service Day has always been a day of perspective. “It’s a whole day to remember we’re part of a community,” Clemo said. Whether raking leaves, mowing lawns, mulching at local public parks or picking up trash, students agree that it is about building relationships with each other and the town. 

For some residents, this is their first interaction with VFCC students. One resident has been utilizing Community Service Day help for a number of years. She told students how grateful she was for their help and how much she appreciates their smiling faces. Senior Errol Morrison has participated in Community Service Day for the past four years. Every year, he looks forward to making those connections and “the opportunity to bond with the community.”
From the manpower and resources behind the scenes to the hours students give each year throughout the town, Community Service Day will always be about serving and creating a unified community. 

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