Every Major is a Ministry

by Office of Marketing | May 21, 2014
Majors In Ministries
On April 15, 2014, the Missions Committee presented a special chapel service, “Majors in Ministry,” that highlighted Valley Forge Christian College’s (VFCC) mission and educational philosophy. Five undergraduate students communicated the ways in which they hope to use their course of study to advance the Gospel.
VFCC’s mission is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world; it is the college’s goal to ready students for ministry in every professional arena. Whether they are learning pastoral leadership, psychology, literature or any other program, VFCC hopes to see its students follow the example of Jesus in Luke 2:52 – growing in both wisdom and stature before God and men.
Senior Zachary Snyder explained his desire to employ digital media, especially video production, as a communicator of good news and hope. Senior Sarah Bessette spoke on behalf of business majors, defining the need for witnesses in the world of enterprise. Education student, junior Jessica Lee, described her intentions of becoming a teacher who reflects the love of Christ. Finally, junior Amanda McGinness and senior Randy Stegner, who are in the Intercultural Studies Program, conveyed their desire to carry the Gospel to foreign communities.
The latter two presenters went beyond their programs of study, explaining how passions and hobbies are molding their future ministries. Stegner (as a member of Curtain Call) articulated his plan to use dramatic theatre to reach the lost and bring them joy. McGinness, a Patriot athlete, defined how she may utilize sports as an innovative ministry outside of congregational walls.
Students were edified and encouraged – hearing how their peers are growing intellectually and practically to live honorable lives for God in the world.