Homecoming Changes a Life

by Office of Marketing | May 23, 2014
Blanchard Runs 5k
Angela (Detterline) Blanchard ’06 knew that she needed to lose weight after she found herself buying clothes in sizes that were bigger than she felt comfortable in. She had gained weight since having her daughter, but was in denial about her actual size until she attended a Weight Watchers meeting. “I knew that I needed to make a change,” Blanchard said. “I wanted to be around to see my daughter grow up and to see my grandchildren someday.”
That summer, she received a postcard in the mail announcing Homecoming 2013 and the new 5K run/walk planned for the weekend’s festivities. “I had heard about a lot of people my age who were able to run a 5K post-baby, so I thought it would be a great goal,” Blanchard said. She was the first person to sign up for the race. 
By strictly following the online Couch-to-5K training program that entire summer, including working out on her vacation so she wouldn’t lose momentum, Blanchard met her goal in September by running up to three miles. 
At homecoming the following month, she looked forward to the 5K because she knew that she could run the entire distance. “When I came to the finish line,” Blanchard reminisced, “and saw everyone waiting, I was almost in tears. To be able to say that I completed a 5K was a huge accomplishment.” 
“In my entire life I never thought that I would run more than a mile, and even that seemed impossible at times. As I started training, I saw the weight come off and it got easier and easier. I was in no way ready to run a 5K when I started training, but I was able to run that entire race at homecoming.” Blanchard ran another race the following month and improved her time. Her goal this October is to do a 10K, and she is considering working up to a half marathon or full marathon in the future.

Blanchard has lost over 50 pounds since she made the decision to make a change in her life. “I’m smaller than I was in college,” she said proudly, “and I feel so much better now.”

Stay tuned this summer for Homecoming 2014 information and registration.