A Unique Slice of Ministry

by Office of Marketing | Jul 30, 2014
Dave Greco '79
Having served as a missionary in a variety of ways since graduating Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC), Dave Greco '79 was expected to deliver a typical missions-oriented message, until he challenged students to think outside the box.

Dave and his wife Cheryl serve as missionaries with the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) and oversee Colaboración Misionera Hispana, Hispanic Missionary Partnerships. Their mission is to assist the relational partnership between U.S. Hispanic churches and AGWM. Greco combines his knowledge, creativity and resources to develop a unique ministry where he can best serve God. 

Greco encouraged students to think of their future in relation to God’s calling instead of as possible job positions. Experiences, skills and talents are tied to God’s calling. “Think about what He [God] has gifted you, empowered you and enabled you to do,” Greco said. 

Greco and Cheryl served as missionaries in Mexico for 10 years before returning to the U.S. Although not knowing what would come next, he knew he would find a way to serve with his Spanish language skills, knowledge of Latin American culture and relational leadership skills. The details were hazy and the positions unclear but an idea began to take shape. As their new project formed, it became clear that the Grecos would train Hispanic leaders with skills for successfully leading Hispanic churches. The ministry required building relationships and applying experiences he began at VFCC and continued in the mission field. "At VFCC, I learned about relationships not just academics," Greco said, "and had a model of people with integrity who had a heart for God from the staff and faculty." 
Greco now partners with Hispanic church leaders and assists in the development of the church’s full potential through Colaboración Misionera Hispana. With more than 2,000 Hispanic churches in the U.S., Greco and his wife work with the church leaders to bring unity. Not only are they looking at age, geographical and relationship differences, they are also sorting through differences between generations, ethnicities and cultures. The generation gap is a substantial challenge. The leaders may be first generation Spanish, but the constituency may be second or third generation. The gap can bring challenges in language, culture and vision. Colaboración Misionera Hispana works to shrink these gaps and unite the church. Greco describes his work as a “unique slice of ministry.”
Their goal is to mobilize church leaders to spread the gospel nationally and internationally. “There is a desire for emerging leaders to be significant players in the mission world,” Greco said. “That’s what we are able to respond to.”