University of Valley Forge New Name Celebration

by Office of Marketing | Sep 30, 2014
UVF Photo Booth
Valley Forge Christian College officially changed its name to the University of Valley Forge (UVF) on Sept. 16, 2014. The Pennsylvania Department of Education approved the name change on Aug. 27, but state processes appointed the formal date as Tuesday Sept. 16. 

The start of the celebration began at 10 am when students, faculty, staff and guests filled the chapel in eager anticipation of the official acknowledgement of the name change. The excitement in the air was palpable, described later by many who participated as "electric." The energy seemed to course in waves through the audience, as people cheered for the accomplishment of the university name and the blessings God has given the institution. All faculty and staff wore white polo shirts with the new university logo displayed prominently on the left chest plate. 

President Don Meyer, Ph.D., spoke about the name change. He reassured the campus community that the institution's core values and philosophy will remain unchanged while stating fervently, "New name, same mission!" 

Special guest Barbara Cohen, vice chair of the Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors, shared an official resolution from the township and gave recognition to President Meyer and the campus community, wishing success for future endeavors. 

Chapel continued with a congratulatory video message from Dr. George O. Wood, superintendent of the Assemblies of God. A second video directed, edited and written by senior Caleb Weidman displayed the new UVF logo and the brand behind the name — a brand that is the identity of the university, a university of Christ’s people preparing future servant leaders. The drum line and pep band played as students chanted “UVF!” and Vice President of Student Life Rev. Jennifer Gale led the chant, “We are University of Valley Forge!”

A video for the UVF Patriots was featured, highlighting the university's sports teams. It shared the motivation of athletes to always do their best in the name of God. Gale also announced the launch of the new university website, online radio station and new student ID cards. 

President Meyer and the cabinet presented three alumni with the first UVF diplomas. The three recipients were Bill and Hilda Bradney (Bill graduated from EBI, the name of the university in 1939) and associate professor and alumnus Richard Gruber who was the first graduate of a masters program. All alumni may now order a University of Valley Forge diploma using the online order form. 

To close chapel, Vice President of Academic Affairs Kevin Beery, D.S.L., Department of Music Professor and Chair William DeSanto, Ph.D., freshman Travis Collins and senior Daniel Marcelin performed a jazz composition of the popular hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." The traditional hymn, sung or performed at every dedication or celebration at the university, was interpreted with a jazz sound with Beery on saxophone, DeSanto on piano, Collins on drums and Marcelin on acoustic guitar. 

The celebration continued with a outdoor campus-wide lunch and a photo booth for students. While a temporary sign for the University of Valley Forge was placed at the main entrance to the campus, the former Valley Forge Christian College emblem was removed from the Harrup Administration building and replaced with the new university seal.

Sept. 16 was one of the most lively and energetic days the university has seen over its 75 years. The university is thankful for every person who participated in this momentous day. We are University of Valley Forge!

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