An Extraordinary Encounter with God During Chapel

by Office of Marketing | Oct 17, 2014
September 18 Chapel
The students and faculty of the University of Valley Forge (UVF) congregated in Flower Chapel on Sept. 18 for their daily chapel service. Rev. Sam Rijfkogel, the guest speaker for three missions chapels that week, gave a special word concerning what it means to live and abide in the Spirit. He used a unique illustration to convey the necessity of continually being filled with the Spirit.  
Pulling out a coin from his pocket, Rijfkogel turned to the congregation and asked them, “What is this?” Without hesitation, the crowd assumed the coin to be a quarter. They were wrong. It was not what it had appeared to be. Rather, the coin in Rijfkogel's hand was a Susan B. Anthony dollar. The Susan B. Anthony dollar was discontinued because it too closely resembled a quarter. 
He used this illustration to express what Christians look like to unbelievers when they are not allowing God to transform them through spending time in His presence. “Here is the reason why we have a difficult time engaging the millennial generation,” Rijfkogel continued, “It’s because what we have behaves just like them, and they don’t want it.” In other words, Christians who continue to hold onto their worldly identities, look like hypocrites to those outside of church walls. Instead, Christians should enter God's presence daily with the expectancy that He will search their hearts for anything that is offensive to His Spirit. If they are not actively being transformed by His Spirit, Christians appear to behave like those who are far from God. 
After the powerful message, many students left their seats to find a place at the altar. President Don Meyer, Ph.D., felt prompted to cancel 11:30 classes in order to allow time for students and faculty to linger in the presence of God. He stated, “It doesn’t matter about the name of the sign out front if the anointing of the Spirit isn’t upon us as we have heard this morning.” Chapel lasted ninety minutes longer than originally intended. Students sought God’s face during this precious time, and a number were joyously baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Mykel Klix, a senior studying intercultural studies testified saying, “Today truly marks a historic day where God visited UVF in a deeper way. To keep moving forward, I believe God wants us to spread that presence in the classrooms, the dorms, and through meaningful talks about Abba.” After viewing video footage from the service, alumni Shay Peters, responded in reference to the recent name change to university, “And they said that only the name changed ... the students' hearts are being changed as well.”
Although the extended portion of the chapel service is not available for viewing online in its entirety, the first hour of Rijfkogel's powerful message is available. It is the hope of the students at UVF that God will continue to take them deeper into His presence as they seek His face in future chapel services.

To see the Sept. 18 chapel service, visit the chapel webcast page.