Prime Time in The Pit

by Office of Marketing | Nov 05, 2014
Prime Time in The Pit
On Oct. 17, a lively group of students, faculty and staff gathered in the University of Valley Forge (UVF) gymnasium, dubbed "The Pit," to cheer on the annual basketball game between the faculty and staff. An atmosphere of high excitement filled the gymnasium at the start of the game, and continued to grow throughout the contest. The staff team jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. When the final buzzer blared, the staff team took home the trophy. 
During the course of the night there were various games and activities in which the students participated. At halftime, students from different residence halls were called to the gym floor to compete with one another in a relay race and shooting baskets from the free throw line. The crowd cheered for their classmates and friends, responding to the games with shouts of enjoyment and encouragement.

After a fun evening of competition and excitement, the crowds eventually dispersed. Though there was a friendly sense of competition between the two teams, there was also a clear sense of unity between players and fans. Certainly, there were cheers for each team; however, the loudest cheers were for the strong sense of community that exists at the University of Valley Forge.

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