UVF Announces Total Cost Freeze for 2015–2016 Academic Year

by Office of Marketing | Jan 30, 2015
Total Cost Freeze
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) recently announced that in celebration of its new name, and in an effort to bless students and their families, the annual cost to attend will not rise for the next academic year. President Don Meyer, Ph.D., shared the exciting news during a chapel service in late November. Meyer said, “As another way of celebrating our first year as the University of Valley Forge, but also as part of our ongoing efforts to keep your costs affordable, as our gift to you, we are freezing your bottom line cost for 2015–2016.”   
In a time when university costs typically increase every year nationwide, UVF is working to help students and their families continue to keep a quality Christian higher education affordable. The Board of Trustees is aware of the financial and personal sacrifices made to pay for a postsecondary education.
Dan Mortensen, Ph.D., executive vice president and vice president of development, said, “We know that students and families make tremendous sacrifices to attend UVF. We also know that there are many prospective students who would love to attend the university, but the cost is prohibitive to them. We are hopeful that the cost freeze will enable more students to enjoy the tremendous academic, spiritual and personal benefits of attending UVF.” 
The institution became a university on Sept. 16, 2014. At that time, Meyer used the phrase, “New name, same mission,” to emphasize that while some things are changing, the university’s historic mission to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership was not. During the cost freeze announcement, Meyer shared a slightly altered version: “New name, same mission, same cost ... for next year.” The students responded with cheers and gratitude and rose to their feet for a round of applause. 

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