Leadership Award Day

by Office of Marketing | Feb 27, 2015
Senator Dinniman
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) welcomed Pennsylvania Senator Andy Dinniman and Pennsylvania State Representative Warren Kampf to the Phoenixville campus for the University of Valley Forge Leadership Award Day on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015. Dinniman and Kampf were honored as the first UVF Leadership Award recipients.
The UVF leadership awards were presented to Dinniman and Kampf due to their leadership in the community and their assistance throughout UVF’s process to become a university. Dinniman and Kampf were key influencers in the legislature's decision to pass Senate Bill 1205 during its 2013–2014 session that amended Title 24 (Education) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes allowing universities, colleges and seminaries to further provide certifications. As a result, the institution formerly known as Valley Forge Christian College, received approval to become a university. The name change was effective on Sept. 16, 2014.
Representative Kampf
As the representative of Pennsylvania’s 19th District in the Pennsylvania Senate, Dinniman has been a supporter of education and UVF since before his first election in 2006. One of his main priorities in the Senate is to help the state invest in the education system. As a West Chester University faculty member and minority chair of the Senate Education Committee, he believes that “Education is what liberates each of us as human beings. There are two things no one can really take away from you: faith and education. What the University of Valley Forge does is it takes both of these aspects and prepares students for the world.”

Kampf represents Pennsylvania’s 157th Legislative District. During his first term he recovered millions of dollars for local school districts who had suffered from previous budget cuts. Kampf met President Don Meyer, Ph.D., during his first term in 2010 and their friendship grew from a shared passion for providing quality education in Pennsylvania. “Education has led me to corners of my mind and corners of the world I would never have been able to think about or go to. It has provided me with access to work and meet people from all walks of life. That is why I support education,” Kampf said. “This recognition is wonderful and special and I am honored to receive it.”