The Vanguard Opportunity

by Office of Marketing | Mar 31, 2015
Kevin Vincent '09
Kevin Vincent ‘09 began his career at The Vanguard Group, Inc. in 2011. He works in the Institutional Participants Services Division as a quality assurance (QA) administrator. Vanguard is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Vanguard serves more than 20 million clients worldwide and manages over $3 trillion in global assets. The company’s retirement plan services received top marks in Boston Research Group surveys by the plan’s sponsors and participants. Vanguard ranks No. 1 in brand loyalty and satisfaction of investment performances. The company was also named among Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for five years.   

As a QA administrator, Vincent monitors interactions from the company’s core financing. “I make sure every project meets our expectations in procedures and policies as well as staff-to-client quality relationship skills,” Vincent shared. He provides feedback on all of those interactions for future projects and company training. 

Vincent graduated from the University of Valley Forge (UVF) with a bachelor's degree in business administration. As a freshman, he studied music education and then switched majors to business administration where he found a better fit. As a business student, he wasn't sure where God would lead him, but he felt he was on the right path. After he began his job at Vanguard, the possibilities that a business degree can provide became clear. “As I started diving into the training for my role at Vanguard, I saw how it all became relevant — all the classes in accounting and business management,” he said.

In the future, Vincent hopes to incorporate his educational experiences from UVF into the corporate world of Vanguard. His goal is to move into instructional design, where he would be responsible for creating corporate and higher education training content. "It's kind of the adult version of coming up with lesson plans," he said. Vanguard is an outstanding company where new hires can launch a career. The company trains its employees and hires internally, choosing employees familiar with the brand and culture and teaching them new skills. "One of the things that led me to Vanguard was that they have a very in-depth training philosophy and do all of their training in-house," Vincent said. 

Vincent also shared advice for current UVF students. He encourages students to build relationships with classmates, faculty and staff. He is still in contact with many people from the university who made an impact on his life. He also encourages students to be engaged in their studies and be a part of campus activities and clubs. “You get out what you put in,” Vincent said. “What may seem theoretical at first becomes essential in the workplace.”

The Department of Business at UVF provides a Christian higher education that not only prepares students for their desired vocation but also teaches moral values. With 13 business majors offered, including one online, students are equipped to lead and serve in many business areas, learn how to manage a business environment and even start their own business.
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