UVF Athletics Summer in the Community

by Sarah Cushing - Office of Marketing | Sep 28, 2015
Athletics Camp
Even when the university's sports seasons have concluded for the year, the coaching staff at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) does not stop teaching and training. This summer, UVF coaches and student-athletes volunteered in the local community at two athletic camps and hosted one on the UVF campus to train younger student-athletes and share values important both on and off the field. 

On Wednesday, June 24, Jon Mack, director of athletics and men's basketball head coach, shared his journey with approximately 150 elementary and middle school student-athletes at the Spring-Ford Basketball Camp in Royersford, Pennsylvania. Mack shared his high school basketball experience, when — as an undersized center player — he averaged 6 ppg/8 rpg (points per game/rebounds per game) and focused on rebounding and defending. He encouraged the players at the camp to learn how they can impact the game of basketball beyond scoring. He also walked them through various drills that emphasized “rebounding attitude” and how to take the “perfect charge.”

Mack continued by sharing his college basketball experience while at UVF. As a player in college, he added a scoring role to his game. Mack walked them through some teaching points about how to attack the basket using 2–3 dribbles and utilizing the pivot foot to give a series of attack options.

After the drills, he gave the students four final challenges to remember. The first was to emphasize the mindset of “play hard/work hard” and giving the “perfect effort” in both practices and games. Second, he spoke about the value of being an elite teammate and the importance of being excited to see others succeed and to be all-in with one’s role on the team. Mack also shared the mentality of living a life of purpose and how they can use their gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the world. Lastly, he spoke about the value of loving and forgiving, an uncommon act in today’s world.

A few days later, from June 29 to July 3, five UVF coaches and four UVF student-athletes served at this year’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Sports Camp for middle school and high school students at Kutztown University. This year’s camp theme was “Undefeated.” The UVF student-athletes were “huddle leaders” and focused on a small group of campers that week. The coaches served as role models. “We witnessed lives transformed and rededicated to Christ through the platform of athletics,” Mack said. “This week serves as a great reminder and charge to live an undefeated life because Christ has already conquered death for those who love Him.”

The UVF student-athletes who participated were Aubrie McQuown ’15 and sophomores Naomi Thompson, Jalen Archer and Olivia Wireman. The UVF coaches who were present included Mack, Ronshea Vargas, Gretchen LeVan, Juan Delcid and Vernon Dorsey.

From July 27–31, UVF hosted the Patriots Performance Camp, a soccer camp for boys and girls ages 6–13 on the UVF campus. Dorsey led the all-day, weeklong camp. The camp focused on improving soccer techniques and having fun. At the end of the week, the coaches had an awards ceremony for the kids to highlight their performance and attitude. Delcid, freshman soccer player Zachary Bowerman, sophomore softball player Saquiba Mufti and sophomore soccer player Kelsey Morrison also served at the camp. 

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