UVF's New Missionary-In-Residence

by Sarah Cushing - Office of Marketing | Sep 30, 2015
Rev. Troy Tabor
As a missionary from Cambodia with a strong background in media, Rev. Troy Tabor arrived at UVF this fall to serve as the new missionary-in-residence (MIR).
As the new MIR, Rev. Tabor will teach a number of classes within the Department of Intercultural Studies, and serve as the faculty advisor for the student-led ministries and also as an advisor for the Missions Committee. In May of 2016, he will help lead a group of students to UVF’s first missions trip to Cambodia. Tabor hopes to teach and demonstrate to students the importance of a servant leadership attitude and the conviction that working in missions is not about what one can do individually but about what God can do through His people.
Tabor and his family were first appointed by the Assemblies of God World Missions to Cambodia in 1992. During his first term there, Tabor ran an orphanage and planted churches. Once the government in Cambodia allowed missionaries to share their faith more openly, a greater number of opportunities for ministry arose. Rev. Tabor began to use his skills in media and film for ministry. Some of his ongoing projects include a children's discipleship program, developing a parenting program, and helping to lead both a radio station and a distance education program that reach across Cambodia.