Alumna Shines Light in the US Air Force

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Oct 29, 2015
Keionna Jackson '12
University of Valley Forge (UVF) alumna Keionna Jackson '12 joined the Air Force almost immediately following her graduation as a social work major, after heeding the call God spoke into her life. Since then, Jackson has been a part of the U.S. Military for over three years as an operations intelligence analyst.

Jackson was recently featured in a Fox News story regarding the United State’s military prowess in the air, taking into consideration the amount of air pressure the U.S. is reportedly pushing on ISIS, the Islamic State terror organization. Specifically, the story covered the F-22 fighter jet and the use of unmanned aircraft, otherwise known as drones. Although the U.S. currently maintains air superiority, there are concerns that other countries are beginning to improve their war technology. Jackson was featured in the news story responding to a question about how she has been able to keep classified information from her family and friends. She humorously responded, saying how those close to her believe she is a secret agent spy like those in popular action films.
When asked how UVF affected her life, Jackson said, “While I was at UVF, I acquired exponential growth as far as my spiritual walk and I felt that UVF was the launching pad where I developed the necessary tools and attributes to live a life for God. It gave me the strength, wisdom and discipline to gracefully handle all of the challenges that life and the military have thrown my way thus far.”
Amidst all the pressure and stress that the military life throws her way, Jackson is still able to express her faith and fulfill Christ’s call by being a light to the lost. She explains, “My faith keeps me going, keeps me hanging in there and gives me the ability to plant seeds and speak into people's lives even though ‘religion’ is somewhat of a taboo topic. People I work with come to me from time to time, and I simply share my story, give faith-based advice or even invite them to church.” 
Even though life in the military might prove to be difficult, Jackson's dedication to her faith and mission in life overrides her personal comfort or gain. Jackson is yet another shining example of an alumna who is living her life for Christ.