UVF Launches Rookie Film Contest

by Corinne Twigg - Office of Marketing | Jan 06, 2016
Rookie Film Fest
In the fall of 2014, an anonymous donor with a passion for Bible literacy prompted the University of Valley Forge (UVF) to create an opportunity for students to communicate and interpret biblical truths through creative digital arts. The opportunity evolved into a video contest, requiring participants to construct their own short films based on innovative and modern visual interpretations of biblical passages. What merely began as an idea soon blossomed into an event titled Rookie, which far surpassed the expectations of those involved in its execution.

Assistant Professor Dominick Garcia was thrilled to lead the process of organizing the contest. Rookie's primary mission was to encourage students to use their artistic abilities to proclaim biblical truths through video. Garcia elaborated on this mission saying, “What’s exciting is the opportunity that we as believers have to take the Word of God to our friends, family, community, country and the world, and communicate it in a certain way.

Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities to spread the gospel is through the use of digital art. “The reality is that most people are going to engage in two to three hours of content a day,” says Garcia. “The hope is that we find a way in which we create faith-based content.

There were three top winners for the Rookie contest held on Nov. 13, 2015. Deborah Phillips, a sophomore majoring in digital media, received third place for her short film titled, “Flesh and Spirit.” Second place went to Brandon Martinelli, a junior majoring in digital media with a focus in video production, for his film titled, “Creation.” Aaron Holmes, a sophomore also majoring in digital media with a focus in video production, won first place for his submission titled, “Neglect.” Each winner received a cash prize for his or her submission.

Due to the overwhelming number of guests, the lecture hall where Rookie was held was overflowing. Close to 120 people participated in a drawing at the event, where $450 in prizes was given away. Indeed, the night proved to be a popularly attended event for the Digital Media Department.

With great hopes to organize more Rookie events in the future, Garcia announced the possibility for the vision of Rookie to expand. By making the contest available to high school contestants, Rookie will function as an avenue for students to observe UVF’s digital media program as well as gain funds for their youth groups. There is also the possibility that Rookie will partner with future Breakaway campus visit events.