UVF Student Becomes Board Member of Daycare Center

by Corinne Twigg - Office of Marketing | Apr 06, 2016
Rebekah Rosenberg
UVF student Rebekah Rosenberg was appointed as a member to the board of the Phoenixville Area Children’s Learning Center (PACLC). Rosenberg is a senior majoring in early childhood education. She is currently completing her student teaching experience and is looking forward to being certified to teach in the public school system after graduation. 
At first, the newly created position started only as an idea. The PACLC board desired a young person’s fresh perspective on how it could efficiently fundraise for, and ultimately serve, the families in the Phoenixville community. When it reached out to Professor Glenn McClure, Ph.D., the chair of the education department, he joyously passed along the opportunity to the enrolled students in the education program. It was Rosenberg who was approved for the position of student representative for PACLC. 
Rosenberg responded with great excitement. She initially thought the opportunity would be a wonderful way to enhance her resume, but she did not realize that it would end up giving her so much more. Rosenberg was officially welcomed as a member of the PACLC board during her junior year. She was surprised to find that the meetings not only included conversations about curriculum, but also fundraising. She said, “Being on the board has allowed me to gain an administrative perspective, which is something I could not have obtained without this opportunity.” 
Rosenberg said of the experience, “For the time that I’ve been able to serve on the board, I have been exposed to the inner workings of what it takes to run, operate and maintain an effective child care center in the midst of a small town community where parents are faced with economic challenges.” 
PACLC operates from two locations in Phoenixville. It often goes above and beyond the norm for a learning center by also providing students from low-income families with food and clothing. All of this is made possible through the dedication of the board to plan and promote fundraising opportunities. “I have learned that there is so much more behind the scenes that goes into providing a safe place for children than often meets the eye,” said Rosenberg, “There are a lot of legalities and considerations concerning finances and creating the healthiest environment for children to grow as young learners.” Rosenberg’s service certainly does not go unnoticed as an exemplary UVF student who serves as a follower Christ in the greater community.